Our Main Area of Activities
1. Veterinary products manufacturing
Our key area of activity is the manufacturing of  
veterinary products. We specialize in the production  
and trading of high quality veterinary product for  

Our product range includes antibiotics, vitamins,  
supplements, feed additives and hygiene products  
which total up to 30 products.

2. Veterinary product sales and service
Besides production, our company also has its own  
sales team which is in charge of selling products.  
To provide a more thorough and complete service,  
our company has its own in-house doctor which can  
be mobilized to inspect and investigate problems  
with livestock in farms all over Malaysia.

3. Veterinary product Import
Shennong Animal health also imports products from  
Germany, India, China, Spain and more to provide a  
wider amount of choice for the customers and also  
to fill in the gap for the products which we do not  
manufacture ourself.

4. Veterinary product registration
It is one of the government’s requirements to have  
products registered before it is allowed to be on the  
market. Thus Shennong Animal Health has set up a  
registration department to handle the registration of  
medicine and also feed additives.