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Shennong Animal Health (M) Sdn. Bhd, a Malaysia manufacturer, was founded in the year 2005 involving in producing animal healthcare products ranging from antibiotics, vitamins, industrial cleaner, feed additives, disinfectants for use in the livestock industry. Shennong Animal Health is one of the few animal health manufacturers that are GMP certified in Malaysia as the rule and regulations in Malaysia are known to be strict and hard to obtain. In order to stay on top in a competitive market, and to be able to offer a more complete range of products to customers, Shennong are involved in the trading, importing and distributing of unique and exclusive animal healthcare product from foreign countries like Germany, India, China, Spain and more. Shennongs’ mission is to provide high-quality and reliable animal healthcare products to the livestock industry in Malaysia, and our vision is to become a world leader in animal healthcare products and service providers.


  • Creating quality veterinary.products and meeting international standards

  • Being the companion of farmers in preventing animal diseases, reducing damages in the livestocks as well as enhancing economic efficiency, and improving the environment

  • Strongly adhered to social, environmental and labor responsibility

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