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  • How do I place an order?
    For order/contract manufacturing/OEM inquiry please contact: Contact us: 03-80114646 (Office) 0136992626 (Mobile/Whatsapp)
  • How do I become a distributor?
    Shennong Animal Health work with many distributor in many states, to get more information on how to become part of our family, please contact: Contact us: 03-80114646 (Office) 0136992626 (Mobile/Whatsapp)
  • Are all the products manufactured locally?
    Shennong Animal healths manufactured varies of animal health products in our own GMP certified factory. In addition, we have many imported goods ranging from different countries like: China, Vietnam, Germany, India, Spain and many more.
  • Do Shennong ship worldwide?
    Yes we are available to ship worldwide if all requirement are met. For more information please contact us: Contact us: 03-80114646 (Office) 0136992626 (Mobile/Whatsapp)
Free Range Poultry Farm
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